Time to start your journey.....

You are more than you know you are.

God has so much more for you than you are currently experiencing.

He loves to give us good things because He is a Father who, unlike some human fathers, only knows how to give good gifts to His children.

So why don't we see these good gifts in our lives? What is stopping us from recieving all that he has for us?

First, it's because He wants to enjoy these gifts along with us and for that He needs to have a relationship with us. He wants us to know Him as a Father who loves us for who we are, not spoils us because He wants us to keep quiet and  stop bothering Him. Second, it's because these gifts can only come when we have met His Son, Jesus. Jesus wants to introduce us to our Father so we can know Him in the same way that He knows Him.

Jesus is waiting for you.






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