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Spirit Cafe Consett

A Place of Encounter

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What is Spirit Cafe ?

Spirit Café is for people who are in need of some peace, healing, or simply an encounter with the God of love.


No one was ever turned away by Jesus, and we believe that anyone who wants to come and have a real encounter with Him is welcome.

Spirit Café lasts for 90 minutes and is set up to help those who are spiritually hungry find the one true source of spiritual satisfaction - The One True Light.

Everyone is welcome.

Our Menu

On arrival our guests are presented with a menu listing the Treatments on offer. The menu items are not food, but rather things that meet the needs of the Spirit, Soul and Body.


All of the Treatments are free.


The Treatment teams who serve our guests have all been trained and continue to develop their spiritual resources to help our guests gain the most from their visit.


All Treatments are done through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

No appointment is necessary although pre-booking will guarantee a Treatment

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Cleansing

Physical Healing

Peace Treatment

Dream Interpretation


What Visitors Say

"I love Spirit Cafe because it's spirituality without religion. A nurturing pathway to inner peace and harmony and the union of mind , body and spirit and the relaxation and connection we all seek"

Dawnie Browne


God is light - in him there is no darkness at all.

John the Apostle

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